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Take Preemptive Steps with Eyesight Care

Astigmatism - A condition in which vertical and horizontal portions of the eye focus differently, causing blurriness at all distances.


Nearsightedness (myopia) - A condition in which close objects at near are seen more clearly than those at a distance.


Farsightedness (hyperopia) -  A condition where far objects are seen more clearly than near ones.  Most children are born farsighted as it tends to decrease as they age.


Lazy eye (amblyopia) -  Condition in which vision cannot be corrected to 20/20 even with eyeglasses or contact lenses. It affects about 4-5% of children.  With early diagnosis and treatment, permanent vision loss can be avoided.  Prognosis is best with early intervention, optimally being before the age of 5.


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Your child's eyes treated right

Providing pediatric eye care in a comfortable and friendly setting for more than 25 years.

Going to any doctor can be scary for a child.  At Mason Eye Center, Inc. of Mason, Ohio, we specialize in treating pediatric eyes in a friendly and comfortable environment.  We also offer package deals to help you save money on your children's glasses.

Eye Health Starts at Age 3

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